Welcome to Backtracking the Common – genealogy with a Texas accent!  What is it?

  • Help, encouragement and resources for the beginning genealogist and family historian
  • A place where more experienced genealogists “pay it forward” and help others

For those who want more….

Backtracking the Common exists to assist, encourage and provide resources for those researching their family history.  We know what it’s like to be a couple of years into the journey and think, “I wish I had known this when I started”.  We help “newbies” in the hobby avoid some of the regret and wasted resources of time and money.  We provide a place to ask the “no stupid” question on our Answers page.  Use our growing number of resources on our Resources page. Find a place to visit and collaborate in real time on our Facebook Page.

Backtracking the Common is also a place for the more seasoned genealogist to share their experience.  The hobby grows on the shoulders of those who have gone before us.  Family stories are uncovered and told because the unselfish share how they did it.  If you have something to “give back” to the genealogical community, we want to provide a place to share.  Use the comment section.  Ask and answer a question on our Answers page.  Recommend a resource. Provide a resource.  Write a guest post.  Join our Facebook page and post your experiences.

And finally, at Backtracking the Common, we’ll use the Roberts, Ingram, Byrd and Burns families to teach solid genealogical practices, entertain, inform, and collaborate.  Learn genealogy from these families.  Find articles about these families.  Write articles about these families.  Share their stories.  Collaborate with others researching these families.  Participate.  Enjoy Backtracking the CommonIf you do, please tell others.

Read my first post and dedication here.

The name of the blog is Gary’s take on the truth of common grace.

 Gary Roberts describes himself as a “want to be” follower of Jesus Christ and healthy church enthusiast.  He researches, writes, and teaches out of Austin, Texas where he lives with his wife of 40 plus years, Dee.  They have 7 grown children and 11 grandchildren – and counting.  He’s relatively new to the field of genealogy and hopes his family will enjoy their adventure into the past.  He enjoys history, baseball, fishing and travel.  He’s a life-long Texan with family roots that go back to the Republic.  In his more recent past he was the lead in a church plant, pastor of two traditional churches over a 22 year period, worked in campus and national ministries and led family seminars.  Today, he encourages others to follow Jesus Christ into their neighborhoods and share in tangible ways the good news of Christ’s Kingdom.  He’s available to share with others and discuss their questions.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Gary, there is a possibility we are related. I am an Ingram, my great-great grandfather and his siblings helped settle Anderson Valley (Boonville, Philo), CA in Mendocino County right next to Lake County. I look forward to digging into your research to see if we just might be “cousins”!


    • Thanks, I love meeting new cousins. My great-grandfather was J.C.W. Ingram. He was the first Sheriff of Lake County, CA. I understand his portrait is hanging in the county courthouse. I hope to travel there and see it someday. Please do try to confirm our kinship.


  2. Good Morning Gary, I am delighted I cam across your blog. We may be related. I have several Roberts, Clarks, Williams, in my line, buried in Rains Co and Limsetone Co. I am Virginia Bell Roberts (Jinnie’s) gggrand daughter. Jinnie was the daughter of John R Roberts and Sarah Catharine Quisenberry. If not, I am still going to enjoy your sight.


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