Gus Roberts: Aftermath

I wish to write of grace – a common grace which is shown to all and a specific grace expressed in the limb of one family.

Gus Roberts (2)Gus Roberts was the last chance to carry on his father’s line.  What chance did he have?  His father died violently in his bed when Gus was only three.  The story says he was in the room when the deed was done.  His mother was convicted of complicity in his murder and went to prison.  Gus went to an orphan’s home.  What chance did he have?  What would happen to Gus?

Gus and Emma Lee Ingram met in the orphan’s home and married in 1918.  They produced four children.

  • Burton Lee Roberts had four children including two boys.
  • Emma Elizabeth had one girl.
  • Howard Gus Roberts had no children to my knowledge.
  • Ralph Grady Roberts had one son who may or may not have made it to adulthood.  I don’t know.

Grace is defined as something which is undeserved and cannot be earned.  Common grace is extended to all.  We all receive of God that which we cannot earn and do not deserve.  We see around us a world full of this grace.

Gus Roberts would be considered by some to be a common man.  History pays him little attention.  He never possessed an advanced degree.  He worked with his hands – several dirty and difficult jobs, finally settling on carpentry – and lost two fingers doing that!

What I’m about to share with you is grace.  It’s not deserved.  It’s both common and specific.  Behold one simple limb of God’s amazing grace.  Celebrate with us!

The Gary Roberts Family

B.L. Roberts near Ft. SillSenior Chief Roberts 1988Airman RobertsMatthewAndy and RachelPastor in TraningJim and DebbieJoseph and HeatherJared and Elizabeth in Indian dressDavid and CherylTravis FamilyRoberts FamilyMatthew Roberts familyBetty GailB.L. Roberts in OROfficer RobertsBob and Bertha's ChildrenOfficer Roberts

Represented in these photos are:

  • Wonderful wives, mothers and homeschoolers.
  • Hard working and successful blue-collar guys like Gus in several service industries
  • Three branches of the military.
  • Two branches of law enforcement.
  • An engineer with a defense contractor
  • Ministers, Pastors and Missionaries.
  • State employees
  • Multiple in the filed of medicine
  • Multiple managers in multiple fields
  • 27 years in the mental health field
  • Speech and hearing therapist
  • Deacons, choir and praise team members
  • Multiple non-profit volunteers
  • The banking industry
  • Adopting parents and adopted children
  • A boundless future in the exploration of God’s grace

The future of John Anderson Roberts’ line is assured for many years to come.  And if it weren’t – God is still be good!




4 Replies to “Gus Roberts: Aftermath”

  1. Dynamic history yet to be told. Just realized the stark reality that the paternal Strickland side of our family will end with the death of my brother someday. He & Cathy only had the one child –a girl. However, the maternal side of the Stricklands will still go on with the Roberts’ heritage because I had a son, Aaron, and he has a son, Jacob. You can understand why it was so important in geneologies for a son to born–not that girls aren’t important!!! but so the name could carry on.

    To that end, you are truly blessed. Beautiful family!

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